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Where Have All the Comparisons Gone?

Reflections by Rob Borofsky, Laura Nader, Matt Candea, and Jonathan Friedman   This blog was originally published in the field sights section of the Society for Cultural Anthropology's website . It is published under a Creative Commons License of BY NC SA.   Comparison is basic to anthropology. It frames an…

Interview with Carolyn Nordstrom

Robert Borofsky:  Where would you like to begin? Carolyn Nordstrom: I’ll start with what I was thinking about this morning. As I was walking my dog, I was reflecting on what makes anthropology so cool. I thought about all the definitions I know, the introductory texts I have read, and…

“How Can Canadian Universities Meet International Students’ Food Needs?” by Erika Stewin

ERIKA STEWIN, MA Email; Link to thesis; What do international students eat when they come to study at Canadian universities? How do they think about the foods available to them on- and off-campus? These students are often referred to as “cash cows” by newspapers, magazines and by international…