Instructions for Creating an Account

1. Creating an account with is required to participate in the $1,000 Revitalizing Anthropology Graduate Student Challenge. Once you create your own account and log in, you will learn about the challenge’s details.

Clicking on “Sign Up ” (see below) brings up a page where you need to fill in your name and email.

2. It is preferable that you use your university account or gmail when providing your email address. AOL, Hotmail, and Yahoo can all prove problematic with this website. They may or may not always work with this website.

3. Once you click on the submit link to submit your name and email, you will be sent an email. BE SURE TO ALSO LOOK FOR THE EMAIL FROM PUBLICANTHROPOLOGY.ORG IN YOUR SPAM OR JUNK EMAIL ACCOUNT AS WELL AS YOUR REGULAR EMAIL ACCOUNT. It is not uncommon that some emails from the Center end up in spam. (It relates to other projects the Center is doing.)

Sometimes your email server can be slow. It may only take 30 seconds to receive the email sent to you. But if your school has certain security systems in place or the university server is busy, it may take up to an hour.

If you do not receive the email in an hour, please click on HELP! Solutions Five Common Problems on the Main Page and read the solutions under Problem # 2.

4. Clicking on the verification code brings you to a page termed TERMS AND CONDITIONS. Feel free to read it. But you need to click “I Agree” to proceed. Next, you need to create a password.

PLEASE BE SURE TO USE A PASSWORD THAT YOU WILL EASILY REMEMBER – IDEALLY ONE THAT YOU ALREADY USE – AND BE SURE TO WRITE IT DOWN. Losing one’s password is perhaps the most common problem encountered for logging into the website. (The other one is using the wrong email.)

5. Once you save your password, you will be taken to a page where you specify your country, state/province and school. These are for accounting purposes only and will remain private. They are not shown to anyone outside the Center for a Public Anthropology.

6. Once you have completed this page and clicked saved, you will be taken to the challenge itself. This will provide the information needed to write your essay.