International Competition

Each year the Center will hold an international competition seeking out prospective manuscripts that align with this vision.  The Series reviews proposals independent of whether the manuscripts themselves have been completed.  The proposals submitted should be 3-4,000 words long and describe both the overall work as well as a general summary of what is (or will be) in each chapter.  

The Center expects to select, through the competition, one to two books each year for open-acess publication.  The selected manuscripts will then go through a “sighted peer review” process.  Rather than being “blind”, the review process will be an open, collaborative endeavor between an author and reviewers.

The deadline for submissions to the Series’ International Competition each year is usually the first week in November.  Submissions should be emailed to with the relevant material enclosed as attachments. Questions regarding the competitions should be directed to the series’ editor, Dr. Rob Borofsky, at