International Competition

OVERVIEW: The California Series in Public Anthropology encourages professional scholars in a range of disciplines to discuss major public issues in ways that help the broader public understand and address them.

Based on over a decade of success, the California Series in Public Anthropology’s International Competition is looking for accessible, grounded accounts that present compelling stories as well as offer enough interpretation to make these books useful public as well as undergraduate and graduate courses. . . .
. . .

2016 Competition Winners:

(a) Threshold: Emergency and Rescue on the U.S.-Mexico Border by Ieva Jusionyte

(b) Deported to Death: How Drug Violence is Reshaping Migration in Mexico by Jeremy Slack

(c)  The Surge: Central American Border Crossings to the United States 1980-2015 by Victoria Sanford

(d) Lives in Transit: Economies of Violence, Intimacy and Care along the Migrant Journey in Mexico by Wendy Vogt


2015 Competition Winner:

Street Smarts: Stories of struggle, survival, and resilience from street children in western Kenya by Paula Braitstein and Lonnie Embleton


2014 Competition Winners:

(a) Labor on Demand: Dispatching the Urban Poor” by Gretchen Purser

(b) Return(ed): Going and Coming in Age of Deportation by Deborah Boehm

(c) Informality and Instability at the Bottom of the American Housing Market by Edward Goetz and Kimberly Skobba

(d) Boomtown and the Culture of American Inequality by Philip Kao and Megan Foreman


2013 Competition Winner:

Everybody Counts: How Scientists Document the Unknown Victims of Political Violence” by Ann Harrison


2012 Competition Winner:

A Haitian Tree Battle: Anthropology and the Devastated Forest by Gerald F. Murray


2011 Competition Winners:

(a) Victims No Longer: Trafficked Children into the United States by Elzbieta M. Gozdziak

(b) “Yahoo-Yahoo”: The Nigerian Hacker and the 419 Underground Economy of Internet Fraud by Kamela Heyward-Rotimi

(c) Esperanza: Health and Human Rights on a Dominican Batey by David Simmons


2009 Competition Winner:

“When I Wear My Alligator Boots”: Narcotrafficking in the US-Mexico Borderlands by Shaylih Muehlmann


2008 Competition Winner:

I Did It To Save My Life: Morality and Survival in Sierra Leone by Catherine Bolton